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Lose Your Phone Charger While Traveling? No Problem…

Have you ever wondered what the most common item to be left in a hotel room is? It’s not your clothes, not your toiletries, and definitely not jewelry.  IT’S YOUR CELL PHONE CHARGER!

That’s right the number one item left behind by travelers is their phone charger.  No wonder we are always running out of battery.

The bad news is this has probably happened to you before.  The good news is this has happen to tons of travels and you can capitalize on theirs (and your) mistakes.  Ever been stranded in a city with no charge and no phone charger?  No way to call an uber or get home?  All you have to do is find a near by hotel and 95 percent of the time if you tell them you lost your charger they will be able to help you out!

Nowadays we rely so heavily on our phones that any pro tip that can help get you an extra charge is worth making note of.  This LifeProTip could save you an extremely long walk or expensive taxi or much worse!  So if you ever find your self with a dead or dying phone get to a hotel ASAP!
phone charger
Most times hotel employees will help you even if you say you just need to borrow a charger.  Just ask them to check their lost and found and you’re almost guaranteed to find your charger.


Emergency Plumber Guide & Essentials

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Suffering from a clogged toilet? or perhaps a backed up shower drain? Or maybe you have a leaky pipe that’s driving you nuts.  Calling plumbers can be extremely expensive and inconvenient when you need an emergency plumber.  And in most situations it’s likely something you could have fixed all by yourself, had you been prepared for it.  So be prepared.  Arm yourself with the emergency plumbing essentials and see how you can be better prepared in case of an emergency.

emergency plumber

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Adulting is Hard! Here are Techniques to Adult Better

Let’s be honest, adulting is hard… Like really hard.  And sometimes it can be super overwhelming and for some crazy reason, no one taught us how to do it.  Did I miss the courses on business emailing in highschool? Or how do I do my taxes, or stick to a budget, please someone HELP!

adulting is hard

Take solace in knowing there are millions of adults just like you who still struggle to regularly do their laundry, save any money or just generally adult.  So we found this gem of a video about how adulting is hard by professional adult shessomickey.    She gives some excellent lifeprotips on the topic, from meal prep navigating the workplace.

Adulting is Hard, Check these Adulting Techniques:

For more great videos by sheesomickey check out her page Here!

All in all, adulting can be a real challenge but just remember what you learned here today.

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Split Payments on Amazon with a gift card (cheque regalo Amazon)

Ever wanted to purchase an expensive product on Amazon and needed to split the cost between two cards?  Or maybe you just want to use a Visa gift card but don’t have enough to cover the entire cost of the item.  There are tons of reasons for wanting to split payments on Amazon.  Luckily for you, there is one easy solution and it starts with an Amazon gift card or cheque regalo Amazon.

cheque regalo Amazon

Essentially what you need to do is buy an Amazon gift card (cheque regalo amazon) with one card and use that in the promotional section while paying with your other card.

For more detailed instructions about splitting payments on Amazon check out

Spanish Instructions:

Para dividir pagos en Amazon necesitará comprar una cheque regalo Amazon con una tarjeta y utilizarla en la sección promocional mientras paga con su otra tarjeta.


Para obtener instrucciones más detalladas sobre cómo dividir los pagos en Amazon compruebe

Obtenga una cheque regalo Amazon aquí:

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