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How to get Free Apple Music for 6-Months

For those of you who only use Spotify or Tidal, you may want to consider putting those apps to the side (at least for a few months).  Apple music may have some limitations but matches up pretty well with similar services in many areas.  Plus, when you’re getting free Apple Music for 6 months, it’s kind of hard not to try it out.

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Free Apple Music for 3-Months

Typically, you can only get free Apple Music for 3 months.  This is still far better than one month with similar services but maybe not enough incentive for some loyal Spotify users.  But, with just a little finagling we can get 6 months free.

For this to work, you must use not only Apple Music’s Individual plan but the Family Sharing plan as well.

Part One:

Start with the individual Membership.  Click or tap the trial button in the Music App or in iTunes. Voilà, you have free Apple Music for 3 months!  Now you have access to over 30 million tracks, exclusive content from some of the top artists, tons of curated playlists, and a lot of other bells and whistles you will probably never use.  Yes, Apple Music has tons to offer including movies, music videos, original shows hosted by top DJs and even a social network.

Free Apple Music 3 month trial

Awesome. Now that you have free Apple Music don’t deselect the auto renew.  Unless of course, you want to continue paying after 3 months, then be my guest.  If not, on your Phone go into the Settings app.  Then click iTunes & App Store, press Apple ID, then press View Apple ID and sign in.  Now you will need to scroll down and press the Manage buFree Apple Musictton under Subscriptions.  Turn off auto-renewal for Apple Music and you are all set.

From your Desktop, you will need to go to the Music tab in iTunes.  Then click on iTunes Store, then Account, and then sign in.  Click Manage under Settings, Apple Music will be at the top.  Now just click Edit and change your auto-renewal settings.

Free Apple Music for ANOTHER 3-Months

So it happened.  90 days came and went and you no longer have a free Apple Music membership.  No worries, here is a method to get you another 3 months free! Now that the easy stuff is done let’s make it a little more interesting.

Part Two:

You will need to use the Family Sharing plan.  To set this up you need to navigate to the iCloud area from the Settings App and then press Set Up Family Sharing.  You can do so from any device.

After that initial setup, you will need a family member to accept your invite.  Then they can start their free Apple Music trial also using the family option.  Everyone in your family, most importantly you, the mastermind, will also receive the benefits!

Now you have unlocked 6 months of free Apple Music!  This will work with multiple family members just as long as one has not yet done the original 3-month free trial (the invitee).

Again, don’t forget to change your auto-renewal settings before the 3-month window is up.  You will be charged $14.99 per month for the Family Sharing Plan instead of $9.99 for the individual.  Which really isn’t a bad deal considering you can share with up to 6 people if you want. Especially considering you can store up to 100,000 songs in your iCloud Music Library and it’s available on all your devices.


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Emergency Plumber Guide & Essentials

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Suffering from a clogged toilet? or perhaps a backed up shower drain? Or maybe you have a leaky pipe that’s driving you nuts.  Calling plumbers can be extremely expensive and inconvenient when you need an emergency plumber.  And in most situations it’s likely something you could have fixed all by yourself, had you been prepared for it.  So be prepared.  Arm yourself with the emergency plumbing essentials and see how you can be better prepared in case of an emergency.

emergency plumber

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Adulting is Hard! Here are Techniques to Adult Better

Let’s be honest, adulting is hard… Like really hard.  And sometimes it can be super overwhelming and for some crazy reason, no one taught us how to do it.  Did I miss the courses on business emailing in highschool? Or how do I do my taxes, or stick to a budget, please someone HELP!

adulting is hard

Take solace in knowing there are millions of adults just like you who still struggle to regularly do their laundry, save any money or just generally adult.  So we found this gem of a video about how adulting is hard by professional adult shessomickey.    She gives some excellent lifeprotips on the topic, from meal prep navigating the workplace.

Adulting is Hard, Check these Adulting Techniques:

For more great videos by sheesomickey check out her page Here!

All in all, adulting can be a real challenge but just remember what you learned here today.

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Split Payments on Amazon with a gift card (cheque regalo Amazon)

Ever wanted to purchase an expensive product on Amazon and needed to split the cost between two cards?  Or maybe you just want to use a Visa gift card but don’t have enough to cover the entire cost of the item.  There are tons of reasons for wanting to split payments on Amazon.  Luckily for you, there is one easy solution and it starts with an Amazon gift card or cheque regalo Amazon.

cheque regalo Amazon

Essentially what you need to do is buy an Amazon gift card (cheque regalo amazon) with one card and use that in the promotional section while paying with your other card.

For more detailed instructions about splitting payments on Amazon check out

Spanish Instructions:

Para dividir pagos en Amazon necesitará comprar una cheque regalo Amazon con una tarjeta y utilizarla en la sección promocional mientras paga con su otra tarjeta.


Para obtener instrucciones más detalladas sobre cómo dividir los pagos en Amazon compruebe

Obtenga una cheque regalo Amazon aquí:

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