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How to get Discounted or Free Amazon Prime

Free Amazon Prime allows members to enjoy fast, FREE shipping, exclusive access to movies and TV shows, ad-free music, Kindle books, original audio series and unlimited photo storage.  All of that on the world’s biggest Internet retailer, how we even find time to shop anywhere else is amazing… Yet some people do and don’t buy enough on Amazon to justify the $99 annual fee.  For those people, I suggest some of the discounted or free Amazon Prime options.

Instructions for FREE Amazon Prime (30-day trial):

The Never Ending Free 30-day Trial

The first and most obvious way of getting free Amazon Prime is the free 30-day trial but I only recommend this to first-time users.  Also, if you are a first time Amazon user where have you been?…  It’s 2017 y’all. People frequently abused trial memberships because there were no limits to the number of amazon accounts you could have.  You just had to keep using new email accounts.  Thus, you can continue making new accounts each month with different email addresses.

Free Amazon Prime Box Man

This has since changed and Amazon will recognize similar billing information and not allow you to keep using the trial membership.  UNLESS you go through Amazon Family for your Free Amazon Prime trial membership.  You will still have to make new email addresses but you can use the same billing information again and again.  I don’t necessarily recommend this but it does still work.  Still, if you are determined to not pay a dime on Prime this is one way to get a Free Amazon Prime Membership. But, if you find yourself doing this all year long you might be better off just paying for a membership.

Amazon Credit Card Perks

Credit cards such as American Express offer benefits with Amazon such as Free Amazon Prime Memberships.  Once you become a cardholder, you are given a promo code which you enter here, on  Check in with American Express and other credit card carriers to see what the current offers are. Usually, they have a deal with the Blue Cash Everyday that offers a free Amazon Prime membership. Since this card carries no annual fee you literally get a membership for free!

Share a Household Amazon Prime Account

Many people don’t know but you are actually allowed to split an Amazon Prime account.  Although this isn’t quite a free Amazon Prime membership it can significantly reduce your cost.  Especially if you split it a few ways.  You can officially only add two adult members by going to Amazon Household. But you can have many different cards with different a billing addresses under each account (and several child accounts).  I called customer service three times to verify that having additional credit card accounts and billing addresses are okay and would not get my account flagged.  They all said that adding several payment types was not a problem. One rep even admitted to splitting his own account like this with his friends.  The process is fairly straightforward and simple, you just need to have both Prime members present.  Or have the login credentials for both accounts to link the accounts.

Free Amazon Prime Student Trial

Another popular option is the free Amazon Prime student trial membership.  If you have a .edu email, you can get a 6-month free Amazon Prime membership.  After the 6 months is up the membership will be 50% off the regular rate or $49 per year.  Obviously, this only works if you have a .edu email address and not everybody does.  You used to be able to get them pretty easily by applying to certain online colleges like California Colleges.  Once you finished applying you would automatically be given a .edu email.  These email addresses are harder to come by after these institutions realized how people were using their emails.

Free Amazon Prime with Sprint

Sprint Amazon Prime

With certain Sprint plans, you can receive a full year of free Amazon Prime.  I confirmed this over the phone with a Sprint representative.  Make sure to check the Sprint Newsroom though for up to date offers.  The Better Choice XXL is one plan that offers a free Amazon Prime perk.  You can also call Sprint directly or go into your local store to hear more about the offers.  The process is simple.  Once you find the right plan you will get a message from Sprint with an activation code.  Just click the link and register for Prime like you would normally.


Offset Your Cost With An Storecard

If you buy a lot on it may be worth considering getting an Store Card.  If you are already a Prime member you can earn 5% cashback on all Amazon Prime purchases.  That means once you spend $2000 you will have earned $100 back.  In a year, it is pretty easy to spend that much on Amazon.  Plenty of people will spend that much around the holidays and Black Friday alone.  The other great thing is you can use this with some of the other discounts, like sharing a household account.  People that pay $49 a year would have a quote-unquote, free Amazon Prime membership after $1000 in spending.  Plus there’s no annual fee so there’s no cost even if you never use your Amazon Store Card!

Got more Amazon questions? Learn how to Split Payments on Amazon Here


HTC Vive Pelican Travel & Storage Case by Base Reality

Just get the coolest new VR gear but are finding that you have no way to protect or travel with your equipment?  Base Reality’s got you covered! For the HTC Vive the have multiply cases/covers like this HTC Vive Pelican Case, perfect for travel.

HTC Vive Pelican Travel & Storage Case by Base Reality

HTC Vive Pelican Travel & Storage Case by Base Reality

About the product

  • Protect your HTC Vive virtual reality system and accessories with this dual layer Pelican case.
  • Take your system on the road. Watertight, crush-proof and dust-proof.
  • Custom cut foam layers allow you to protect and store all of your HTC Vive accessories.
  • Exterior dimensions 21.20″ x 16.00″ x 8.30″
  • Pelican case with a lifetime warranty. Custom dual-layer design allows you to store all of your HTC Vive accessories.

For more cases, covers, stands and other products from Base Reality check out their website

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Holiday Sweaters Top 10 List

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It’s Holiday Sweater Season!

Time to find yourselves ugly holiday sweaters.  If it’s too cold where you are to venture out, or if you’re just too lazy then just take a peak at what they have to offer on Amazon!

It’s finally that time of year for Santa Claus and reindeer.

Fill your stomach with egg nog and your spirit with Holiday cheer.

Don’t forget the decorations and the mistletoe.

The Christmas songs and the “ho-ho-ho”.

But nothing makes the season complete.

Like wearing ugly sweaters while you eat your favorite holiday treat.

So here’s an holiday sweaters list for you fashionistas.

Better start shopping now, we don’t do this kind of shit during Easter….

holiday sweaters cat

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Tiny Homes Guide and How to

Tiny Homes Design & Construction Guide

Tiny Homes Design Construction Guide

About this Product

For all those interested in Tiny Homes design, this book is a must.  Tiny Homes Design & Construction Guide is an excellent overview of the entire process for building your own Tiny House.  Dan S. Louche will help you take your first steps to achieving your dream in this extremely comprehensive guide.  The book includes clear instructions and illustrations to help give you the confidence you need to get started.  This is an excellent place to start if you’re looking to DIY.

Allwood Eagle Point – Tiny Home

Tiny Homes

About this Tiny Home

  • Inside Floor Area: 1108 Sqf (712 Sqf downstairs + 396 Sqf upstairs)
  • Wall thickness: 2-3/4″ (70 mm) – dual T&G pattern
  • Ridge height: 15’11” – high ceiling floor area 235 Sqf
  • Floor, Roof/Ceiling boards thickness: 23/32″
  • Free Shipping 🙂

Tiny House 1800w off Grid Solar Power System

Tiny Home

About this Tiny Home

  • The solar panels and the inverter/charge controller system and components are included in the base kit
  • This 1800 Watt Tiny House Kit includes 6 solar panels
    • Package Contents
      6 x SolarWorld 300 Watt Solar Panel (MPN: SOW300SW300MWOB)
      2 x 50′ H4 Connector Cable #10 AWG (MPN: PVCH4-50FT)
      Disconnect Key for Solar Panel Connector Cables (MPN: GENT4KEY)
      8 x Solar Panel Cable Clips (MPN: ALRCABLECLIP-PV)
      2 x 1/2″ Strain Relief, 2 Round Holes/Locknut (MPN: GENSR-2HOLES-LN)
      1/2″ Strain Relief, 1 Round Holes/Locknut (MPN: GENSR-1HOLE-LN)
      Midnite Solar MNPV3 Combiner Box (MPN: MIDMNPV3)
      2 x 20 Amp Din Rail Mount Breaker (MPN: GENBRKDIN-20)
      Outback Power Flexmax 60 MPPT Charge Controller (MPN: OUTFW-FLEXMAX60)
      Solar Surge Protection Device – 115V DC(MPN: MIDMNSPD-115)
      Samlex EVO 4000W 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger (MPN: SAMEVO4024)
      EVO-RC Remote Control for EVO Inverters (MPN: SAMEVORC)
      Samlex E-Panel for EVO-4024 Inverter/Charger (MPN: MIDMNE250SM)
      40A DC Din Rail Mount Breaker ( MPN: GENBRKDIN-40)
      Midnite Solar DC Ground Fault Protector, 63A(MPN: MIDMNDC-GFP)
      Solar Surge Protection Device – 300V AC (MPN: MIDMNSPD-300AC)

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