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Top 10 First World Problems

While it’s true that everyone has a bad day from time to time. The small frustrations of life we call first world problems can sometimes get the better of you. But, remember, it’s not the end of the world.   Unless it’s one of the following, then you may as well just give up.  I mean I can put up with my uber driver not having a charging cord or even a cash register not having apple pay but I have my limits.  The following 10 will put any person beyond their breaking point.

1. GPS Giving Wrong Co-Ordinates


So your beloved GPS system has taken you 100 meters away from where you wanted to be? Do you throw a tantrum and right hook your Tom Tom, or do you accept that these things happen, and stop relying on technology all of the time? One of those responses is reasonable and logic, the other?  The other is to accept that these things happen.  You had one job, Tom Tom, get it right!  Nothing is more aggravating driving around in circles looking for your destination.  Mainly because I have no one to yell for the predicament that I am in.

2. Traffic (In general)


Of course, traffic sucks. But compared to world hunger, homelessness and the absence of clean water, is it really that bad? Yes, it is terrible.  But, an abundance of cars represents wealth and the progression of modern society. Still, nothing makes your blood bubble sitting in an endless line of cars.  I’m not sure watching someone in front you continue to let people into your lane is worse.  Or always managing to be in the lane that is at a complete stand-still.

3.Less Than Perfect Waiter Service

waiter at restaurant

Just like you are in a bad mood from being stuck in traffic on the way to McDonald’s with no WIFI, a waiter can have a bad day too. Expecting nothing but the most professional waiter service, 100 percent of the time may not seem like a first world problem, but think about it… Someone is taking your order, and bringing it to your table without you having to move a muscle. You are being served.  That being said when it comes to my eating, I can’t have anything getting between me and my food.  And when my eggs come out over hard when I specified CLEARLY over medium I will be speaking to a manager.

4. Entering a Building With No WIFI

While it’s certainly true that most buildings in the western world are equipped with WIFI technology, sometimes it’s just not the case. But it’s okay you have a data plan right?  Screw that, I’m not using my precious Data in McDonald’s when it could be spent Snapchatting my hike.  I am going to need some wifi with that Big Mac!

5. Losing The TV Remote

lost remote

Want to turn up the volume of Monday Night Football but can’t find the remote? Do you stand up, walk to the TV and use the manual buttons to turn up the TV?  OR do you throw a tantrum, boot your cat and flip the coffee table?  The decision is yours but I usually end up going with the latter.

6. Paying Too Much Tax


Yes, paying tax sucks. But complaining about paying too much tax is just another way of saying “I make a lot of money”. When you start to consider that half of the world are living on less than $1 per day, your tax situation starts to look less like an unfortunate reality, and more like a kid crying over not getting a PlayStation and Xbox for Christmas.  Still, can I at least get a receipt of what my money is paying for?

7. Slow Internet; definition of first world problems

Slow internet

Slow internet is just as bad as no internet, right? Nothing worse than getting ready to binge watch your favorite Netflix series only to be stuck watching a wheel spin.  Just spinning away, taunting you, reminding you why you shouldn’t have skimped on your AT&T plan.  Now you are stuck, buffering.  Buffering your shows longer than you are actually watching them, the agony!

8. Phone Charger Cable Is Too Short

Phone charger cable


Have you ever been laid in bed with 5% battery, so you decide to plug in your phone so you can continue trying to beat your top score on Angry Birds, only to realize that the cable is too short to reach your bed? Do you move closer to the power supply, put down your phone until it’s fully charged or throw it at the wall and blame Apple for not making longer cables?  This first world problem has no good solution.  Buying a third party cable is probably your best bet.

9. Sitting Through Commercials On A Recording

Just imagine that… Spending three minutes of your life sitting through the commercials on your 60 inch HD TV, just to realize it was a recording and you could have fast forwarded it. I wouldn’t wish these first world problems on my worst enemy!  To think about all the minutes wasted watching unnecessary male enhancement ads… Just makes me sick.

Last but not least for the top ten first world problems go to…

10. Having To Use Bread As Hamburger Buns!

hamburger bread slices

We’re finishing this list with a bad one! Ran out of hamburger buns? Had to use slices of bread instead? How did you cope? First world problems can be particularly frustrating if you only have two end pieces left.  I mean at that point you might as well just eat the patty or order delivery.

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Emergency Plumber Guide & Essentials

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Suffering from a clogged toilet? or perhaps a backed up shower drain? Or maybe you have a leaky pipe that’s driving you nuts.  Calling plumbers can be extremely expensive and inconvenient when you need an emergency plumber.  And in most situations it’s likely something you could have fixed all by yourself, had you been prepared for it.  So be prepared.  Arm yourself with the emergency plumbing essentials and see how you can be better prepared in case of an emergency.

emergency plumber

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Adulting is Hard! Here are Techniques to Adult Better

Let’s be honest, adulting is hard… Like really hard.  And sometimes it can be super overwhelming and for some crazy reason, no one taught us how to do it.  Did I miss the courses on business emailing in highschool? Or how do I do my taxes, or stick to a budget, please someone HELP!

adulting is hard

Take solace in knowing there are millions of adults just like you who still struggle to regularly do their laundry, save any money or just generally adult.  So we found this gem of a video about how adulting is hard by professional adult shessomickey.    She gives some excellent lifeprotips on the topic, from meal prep navigating the workplace.

Adulting is Hard, Check these Adulting Techniques:

For more great videos by sheesomickey check out her page Here!

All in all, adulting can be a real challenge but just remember what you learned here today.

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Split Payments on Amazon with a gift card (cheque regalo Amazon)

Ever wanted to purchase an expensive product on Amazon and needed to split the cost between two cards?  Or maybe you just want to use a Visa gift card but don’t have enough to cover the entire cost of the item.  There are tons of reasons for wanting to split payments on Amazon.  Luckily for you, there is one easy solution and it starts with an Amazon gift card or cheque regalo Amazon.

cheque regalo Amazon

Essentially what you need to do is buy an Amazon gift card (cheque regalo amazon) with one card and use that in the promotional section while paying with your other card.

For more detailed instructions about splitting payments on Amazon check out

Spanish Instructions:

Para dividir pagos en Amazon necesitará comprar una cheque regalo Amazon con una tarjeta y utilizarla en la sección promocional mientras paga con su otra tarjeta.


Para obtener instrucciones más detalladas sobre cómo dividir los pagos en Amazon compruebe

Obtenga una cheque regalo Amazon aquí:

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