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Cowarobot Robotic Suitcase

Travel is already hard enough, lugging around a heavy suitcase can make it even more challenging.  It is time we rethought our luggage.  The Cowarobot Robotic Suitcase does just that.  It is the first (and only) robotic suitcase that follows you!  That’s right, welcome to the future and the new way to travel.  The Cowarobot is a completely hands-free way of transporting your luggage.

Cowarobot Robotic Suitcase (Cowarobot R1)

You can fund them on indigogo and be one of the first with this game changer.  Or follow check them out on their website at

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Tinder Swiper by Tinda Finger

Take your dating game to the next level with the Tinder Swiper.  Let’s face it, swiping is time-consuming and tedious.  It’s 2017, time to automate your tinder game.  Check out this tinder swiper attachment by Tinda Finger

Tinder Swiper by Tinda Finger

You can go fund this on kickstarter today and be one of the first to lifehack their Tinder game.

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LifeProTips Products: One Color of Starburst Candy

Skip the yellows skip the oranges, now you can buy just the pinks and reds!… Unless you’re weird and are one of those people that actually enjoy the yellow and orange starburst candy.  Either way, stop paying and eating flavors you don’t like!  Buy Starburst Candy on Amazon and only get your favorite flavors!

Buy Cherry (Red) Starburst Candy Here!


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Lose Your Phone Charger While Traveling? No Problem…

Have you ever wondered what the most common item to be left in a hotel room is? It’s not your clothes, not your toiletries, and definitely not jewelry.  IT’S YOUR CELL PHONE CHARGER!

That’s right the number one item left behind by travelers is their phone charger.  No wonder we are always running out of battery.

The bad news is this has probably happened to you before.  The good news is this has happen to tons of travels and you can capitalize on theirs (and your) mistakes.  Ever been stranded in a city with no charge and no phone charger?  No way to call an uber or get home?  All you have to do is find a near by hotel and 95 percent of the time if you tell them you lost your charger they will be able to help you out!

Nowadays we rely so heavily on our phones that any pro tip that can help get you an extra charge is worth making note of.  This LifeProTip could save you an extremely long walk or expensive taxi or much worse!  So if you ever find your self with a dead or dying phone get to a hotel ASAP!
phone charger
Most times hotel employees will help you even if you say you just need to borrow a charger.  Just ask them to check their lost and found and you’re almost guaranteed to find your charger.

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