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Cowarobot Robotic Suitcase

Travel is already hard enough, lugging around a heavy suitcase can make it even more challenging.  It is time we rethought our luggage.  The Cowarobot Robotic Suitcase does just that.  It is the first (and only) robotic suitcase that follows you!  That’s right, welcome to the future and the new way to travel.  The Cowarobot is a completely hands-free way of transporting your luggage.

Cowarobot Robotic Suitcase (Cowarobot R1)

You can fund them on indigogo and be one of the first with this game changer.  Or follow check them out on their website at

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Stock Photographer and Reusable Images

Looking for free stock photography online or perhaps your own stock photographer?  Well look no further, you have all the tools you need already for finding great reusable images and high res stock images.

Looking for a Stock Photographer?

Stock Photographer
You may be looking a stock photographer to get some more custom or specialized stock images.  However, you should first check Google Images before any of this.  You may be thinking, “how will I be able to tell which images I can reuse?” Or maybe you are thinking, “Does Google even have good stock images.”  But trust us, Google has you covered!

How to find tons of Free Stock Images and other Reusable Images

First, you will need to go to google images.

Next, type in the type of images you are looking for.  You will obviously find tons of great stuff but here’s the tricky part.

Now, click tools and then click “Usage rights”.  You have to select “Labeled for reuse.
After you have done this all the images you will see will be legally reusable on your website or social media

How to find Stock Images (from a Stock Photographer) Below!

stock Photographer stock images

Now enjoy your free stock images! Some of the highest quality images on the web and wide-ranging variety.

For details on how to implement those images into your website or for questions about how to get your website started in general check out this article on how to start a blog or website

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Tinder Swiper by Tinda Finger

Take your dating game to the next level with the Tinder Swiper.  Let’s face it, swiping is time-consuming and tedious.  It’s 2017, time to automate your tinder game.  Check out this tinder swiper attachment by Tinda Finger

Tinder Swiper by Tinda Finger

You can go fund this on kickstarter today and be one of the first to lifehack their Tinder game.

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LifeProTips Products: One Color of Starburst Candy

Skip the yellows skip the oranges, now you can buy just the pinks and reds!… Unless you’re weird and are one of those people that actually enjoy the yellow and orange starburst candy.  Either way, stop paying and eating flavors you don’t like!  Buy Starburst Candy on Amazon and only get your favorite flavors!

Buy Cherry (Red) Starburst Candy Here!


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